What are Premium Domain Names

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Premium domains are domain names that are costlier than the normal and are owned by a registry or an individual. The price of a premium domain name can range between hundreds and thousands of dollars. The higher rate is only during acquisition, but when renewing it, you only pay the regular renewal charges.

A domain only becomes premium if people think that it has a high value than the rest of the domains. There are many reasons as to why domain names are considered premium one is keywords, brand-ability, and length.

For a domain to become premium, the owner goes to marketplace services and lists the domain with its price. Prospective buyers can then go to the marketplace to browse for the available domains.

How to know that a domain name is premium

The first feature of a premium domain name is the price. The pricing of domains can vary depending on the type of extension that you use. But in most cases, the price lies between 10$-30$. If you happen to see a domain name with an amount higher than that, then know that it’s a premium domain.

How you can purchase a premium domain

Purchasing a premium domain which the owner has listed on a marketplace works the same as when you are buying a standard domain name.

  • Search for the domain name
  • Add the domain name to your cart
  • Creating an account with your service provider
  • Key in the contact information that you use
  • Check out

After you are done with this process, you will be the new owner of a domain name. The domain name will be renewed at the normal price of renewing, and you will own it for the number of years that you want.

Several things may happen before you acquire the domain name that might affect the time taken to transfer the domain ownership to you. Some services might ease the process for you while others require a bit of pushing. This can take some minutes or even weeks before the information is finalized and the domain names easily transferred to you. On the positive side, no matter the reasons as to why there’s a delay most providers will ensure that at the end you will get your domain name safe and secure.


Acquiring a premium domain name will add authenticity to your site, and this will increase visitors to your site.

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