The Different Types of Domain Names

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The first thing you should have when starting out a new business is a location. Whether you are offering administrative services from an office or selling antiques from your home, your business needs to have a location or to exist somewhere. The same case applies to all online companies. All online businesses need to have a domain name or an address. There are various domain names that you can use for your online business, let’s look at some of them.

Generic top-level domain(gTLD)

The gTLDs are the most common domain names extensions. It has extensions such as .com, .net, .org and .biz. Any person can register for this types of extensions. Generic domain names also include names that are restricted, and they require one to apply for them. A majority of them belong to an organization or an individual.

Benefits of gTLDs to businesses

  • Branding

The gTLDs allow a company to possess a brand name that is similar to the niche of the business. They also help businesses to benefit by presenting them using their domain name.

  • Marketing efficiency

The gTLDs allow web traffic and better SEO for your website. They enable automatic recognition of your domain name which directly associates your business with a specific market sector.

Country code top-level domains(ccTLD)

 This type of domain name is designed to be used within a particular country. They are often termed as country code extensions. One of the requirements for using this extension is that the user registering for it must reside in the said country. Also, the domain names aren’t searchable outside the said country. For example, the ccTLD for Kenya is .ke, for Germany is .de and for Antigua is .ag.

Benefits of ccTLDs to businesses

  • Instils confidence in buyers

 A majority of visitors are more comfortable purchasing products through a local site. The ccTLDs are great for building buyer confidence and also for building credibility for your business. Also, most people prefer using websites that transact using their native currencies.

  • Assists businesses to bring out their creativity

Most business use domain hack as a way of building a strong brand. The companies use their time creating names using both the ccTLDs and domain names. In most cases, domain hacks don’t have limits.


If you are in a particular region, you can use either of this domain names extensions for your business. If you stay in a country where English isn’t their primary language, then you can use ccTLDs.